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2019 Christmas Gift

Cookie - Selected Homemade Cookie (Small Pack)

Perfect for wedding gift and goodbye souvenir.  Phoenix Sweets' selected Homemade Cookie in small pack.  Individual pack in small plastic bag.

  • 2pcs for each pack, minimum order quantity is 24 packs/$600
  • Delicious and natural cookies baked in our own kitchen
  • 100% natural, no artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives
  • An assortment of 3 flavours will be provided randomly among the selection: Sweet Potato/Matcha/Earl Grey/Chocolate/Sesame for each order.  
  • Wording on tag can be customised

For the wordings to be printed on the tag, please input at the "Additional Comment" in the cart page.  Please note that the minimum quantity for each wording combination is also 24 packs.  If different wording for each pack is needed, we will have to charge $10 for each additional wording.

Each pack of cookies is packed in sealed plastic bag.  The cookies should be stored in dry and cool place, and consumed within 1 week.