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Customise Edible Print Cookie Gift Box

Customise Edible Print Cookie Gift Box

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A thoughtful gift for everyone!

Made-to-order Edible Logo Cookie for your special occasions including birthday party, wedding banquet, branding event, private celebration and everything that you can think of.  The cookies are individually packed in small plastic bag and placed in the small gift box with window.

We can print the image file provided by you to the cookies. Please note that the image file has to be in high definition and ensure the quality of the products. The feasibility also depends on the colours in the image file because of the limitation of edible link. Please feel free to email us (at the image file in advance to assess the feasibility before you place order. Please note that the price is only applicable to printing the same images for 12 boxes. If you need to print different image for each cookie, we will have to provide quotation separately.

Minimum order quantity is 12 boxes for each pair of images.

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