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Fondant Cake - Sophie the Elephant

Sophie the Elephant Fondant Cake

Perfect for celebrating birthday, 100 days or Baby Shower, and anniversary.

We can put the English name and Message (total not exceeding 20 English letters) on a small fondant plate to be put on the cake, it is included in the cake cost.

For the cake flavour, you may choose from:
  • Earl Grey (layered with rose butter cream and rose petals)
  • Vanilla (layered with mixed berries butter cream and mixed berries jam)
  • Lemon (layered with passion fruit butter cream and lemon curd)
  • Chocolate (layered with chocolate butter cream and Valrhona chocolate crunch)
  • Rainbow Vanilla (colourful cake layers layered with passion fruit butter cream and lemon curd) (+$200)
For the colour of the dots, you may choose from:
  • Pastel Blue
  • Pink
  • Gold (Special Edition) +$100

Two tiers (8"+6") version is available at: https://shop.phoenixsweets.com/collections/kids-celebration/products/fondant-cake-sophie-the-elephant-2-tiers


      Message with Name to be Put on the Message Plate (English Letter only, maximum 20 English Letters)