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Fruit and Floral Tea (Gift Box Pack)

Elegant and healthy gift for someone important.  Especially selected and mixed by Phoenix Sweets.  Individual pack in small plastic bag.

7 special selections of Fruit and Floral Tea is available:

Pineapple Kimono - Dried pineapple ring from Taiwan, French Floral Tea (green tea, cornflower, rose petal, marigold flower)

Apple Rose Black Tea - Dried apple slice from Taiwan, French Black Tea, Rose Bud from France

Orange Kimono - Dried orange slice from Taiwan, French Floral Tea (green tea, cornflower, rose petal, marigold flower)

Lemon Black Tea - Dried lemon slice from Taiwan, French Black Tea

Irwin Mango Black Tea - Dried Irwin mango from Taiwan, French Black Tea

Hawthorn Mixed Fruits - Howthorn, dried apple slice, dried orange slice, all from Taiwan

Red Dragon Fruit Mixed Fruits - Dried red dragon fruit, dried apple slice and dried orange slice, all from Taiwan

Each gift box contains 8packs.  A time limited assortment package is available which you can enjoy all the 7 flavours.