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Cupcake Party Set

Our renowned cupcake is made daily using the finest ingredients.  Phoenix Sweets’ refined recipe and craftsmanship redefine the best of these pretty and delicious little sweets:

  • Less sweet, with exquisite taste flavored by an excellent combination of natural ingredients

  • Only the best ingredients are used: Valrhona Chocolate, 100% Natural Fruit Puree, Fair Trade Earl Grey Tea Leaves and Organic Rose Water etc…

  • Delicious sweets for any joyful occasions or lovely evening dessert

  • Around 6cm diameter

These heavenly cupcakes can be purchased at our Central Store daily.  You can also order our Cupcake Party Sets online now.  We will provide assortment of daily special flavours (6-8 flavours).

  • 12pcs - $390
  • 24pcs - $720
  • 36pcs - $1000

Paper cupcake tower will be provided for 24pcs and 36pcs set.